Sponsorship Possibilities for your Company

Java Jazz

Why Partnering/Sponsoring?
Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival provides special opportunities for you/your company to reach and treat your current and potential customers, promote your products/services, differentiate against competitors, and enhance your corporate presence/image - through various ways in line with your business' strategy.

For the second time this year, the festival has been possible because of the strong, consistent collaboration with government and corporate sponsors, foreign embassies/cultural institutions, media, professional artists and musicians, communities and general public.

Standard and tailored benefits
You can choose from our core packages (presenting/title, main, co, support) that come with different sets of benefits: hall/stage naming right, logo/announcement in media campaign (radio, television, prints), outdoor promotion (billboards, banners), posters & flyers, official magazine/program book, website, artists & committee T-shirts, exhibition stalls, and others. Nevertheless, we would be keen to work with you on special concepts and creative packages that meet your company's goals more effectively.

Not just cash
We also welcome in-kind partnership for a great range of products and services: transport & accommodation for artists and visitors (airline, car, travel agent, hotel), mass media, audio-visual & IT service, music/lighting/sound-system/stage properties/security equipments, banking & credit cards, insurance, concert venues, ticket agencies, design, publishing, record labels, artist management, music/dance/art institutions, photography, merchandising, food & beverages, healthcare, etc. The possibilities are limitless! Do not hesitate to contact us. We may be just the right partner you've been looking for.

Wide & global exposure
The cross-genre acts of local & international artists and the unique atmosphere of the festival attract a large audience of the middle & upper market segment, encompassing a wide age group. The audience comes not only from Jakarta and other big cities of Indonesia but also neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. To help promote tourism, we aim at attracting more overseas visitors to the festival.

Multiple segments
You can also target more specific segments at the different performance halls/events (younger or more mature crowd, VIPs at Gala, Gospel goers, etc.). 1 - 2 weeks before the festival, we have pre-event concerts held at various locations across the city (universities, clubs, malls), mostly for free, which offer other opportunities. Additionally, the big number of participating artists every year is a potential niche to tap.

Long lasting impact
By engaging in a long-term partnership with us you have the opportunity to create stronger impact to your target customers, enforced year by year. We may also carry forward the partnership and joint promotion all year long.

We will work with you to maximize the return on your investment and ensure that our relationship is mutually beneficial and sustainable in the long run. You win, we win - that's our principle and commitment.

Contact us now sponsors@javajazzfestival.com .

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